The Rules

All Drinks are Free, but they are all also BYOB.
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The Rules

Post by Jet » Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:06 pm

This will be a living document. Check back here often for updated content.

#1 I will do my best to NOT be a dick. This is not a rule though...more of a mission statement.

#2 You will not be a dick. This IS a rule, and is not open to debate.

#3 You will not post anything illegal here. I hate that we live in a society where I have to lay this out in plain English, but here it is... Do not post any child pornography or any content that will have the FBI interviewing me for any reason whatsoever. Seriously....stop fucking complicating my life.

#4 Do not post anything that intentionally causes discord in the community. I'm not saying "don't post anything controversial" what I mean is more like "Don't post those pics of Spirit that you saved from 2004 where she was totally naked....she might not like it". :P

#5 You will accept criticism in a friendly manner.

#6 You will give criticism in a friendly manner.

Like seriously...the US congress has 10,000 ways of telling people on the open floor to "Eat Shit" in a polite manner....I think we can manage that too.

#7 You will not attack someone for offending you if you were not personally attacked.

Some of you may need this rule explained, so here goes....If you are gay and someone makes a gay joke...that doesn't mean they attacked YOU. That means they made a joke. You didn't like's ok....go back to what you were doing, and use some lube.

#8 Keep the gloves up.

Attack the idea, not the person. Nuff said.